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I have a problem with my order!

Please contact us Through the CONTACT PAGE.
We will respond ASAP!

Prices for your books are different at Amazon. Why?

The Publisher (OffBeat Publishing, LLC), uses a worldwide book distributor that supplies books to retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. Orders made through the Adventures BookZine Official Site, however, are fulfilled with a different printer/distributor.

I live outside the U.S. Can I order your books?

Unfortunately not at this time. We do hope to add shipping for countries outside the U.S. soon. If you live in another country, please search for our books at Amazon, Kobo, or another retailer. Shipping costs will be reasonable for you this way.

Is it true you pay $50 to authors you publish?

Yes. For each new original story we publish we pay the author $50 (U.S.). Payment is sent on or around time of publication.

How do I submit my story to be published in a future issue of Adventures?

Please send a Word document containing your complete story for consideration to the publisher at:
Put "Submission" in subject.
Stories must be between 4,000 and 40,000 words in length.
Note: we do ask for First World Rights. This means your story cannot be published anywhere else. Once the issue with your story is released, you can do whatever you want with your story.

Can I submit a letter to the editor?

Yes! Comments, questions, and opinions are accepted and welcomed. We simply ask that you keep correspondence respectful. Include your real name in an email with your letter to the editor and send to the publisher:
Put "Letter to Editor" in subject.